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Why Lilian’s Table

Healthy Habits

You have a need to improve your health – perhaps weight loss, lower cholesterol, less sodium or avoiding certain foods.  Your overall eating lifestyle is the result of the habits you make.  Why not make those habits healthy and enjoyable?  Our foods are created with healthy habits in mind.  A combination of balance, color and flavor is our approach to every meal we cook for you.  Stay consistent, enjoy eating and gathering with Lilian’s Table.


Could you use a break from the kitchen? More quality time gathering around the family table is one of the main reasons Lilian’s Table was created.  We offer single and family cooked meals to address your specific needs.  You select from a healthy and flavorful menu, we purchase wholesome ingredients, cook your  meals with love and deliver to your door.  Get some time back with Lilian’s Table.

How We Work

We Purchase

Based on customer orders, our team personally sources fresh ingredients from local vendors and markets.  This ensures that our meals are prepared with fresh ingredients all the time.

We Prep Ingredients

Once all ingredients are purchased, our kitchen staff begins the cycle of cutting, slicing or chopping all of the customer orders.   This involves getting all of the fresh ingredients ready for cooking.

We Cook

About 24 hours before meals are set to be delivered, our team cooks all of the meals to perfection, LOVE being the key ingredient.

We Deliver

Meals are delivered in insulated bags with ice packs to ensure your food is maintained at the proper temperature.  On delivery day, you receive a text message with a delivery window and a second text once your meals have been delivered.  Finally, you warm your food, gather around the table and enjoy eating.

“Eat – Gather – Inspire is not just our tag line, it represents our mission for putting healthy food in the center of our lives that we share with friends and families.    We believe that good quality food serves as the perfect reason for sitting around the table and getting inspired about the next challenge, the next business opportunity or simply the next hour of the day.”

Lilian Dominkovics



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