Today, it’s harder than ever to cook flavorful and healthy meals to enjoy around the family table. I know from experience that a fast-moving and demanding workplace coupled with family commitments make it hard to find time to shop and cook. It’s easy to fall into our routine recipes or take-out meals that are not very healthy and can overtime, can become expensive.  Taking advantage of a career transition, I created Lilian’s Table to cook healthy and flavorful prepared meals for busy individuals and families. Focusing on my life long passion for food, I create recipes full of flavor and fresh ingredients to deliver you a perfect meal.


Meals were honored to our family, our father came home every day for lunch, ensuring we had a personal connection each day. The joy my mom got from creating dinners, desserts, and sweets for our neighbors inspired me to cook.  I understood from a young age that food brings people together. Learning to cook alongside my mom, we brought food to life and joy to family and friends. I continue to look for opportunities to host dinners and cook for others. The enjoyment and connection keep me inspired.


My fondest memories of childhood are gathered around the family table, eating my mother’s delicious cooking with family and friends. More than events, these gatherings were an essential part of our life in Barcelona. Late into the night, we share our experiences and stories, enjoying meals to fortify and energize, bringing us closer together. These memories stay with us and create our community. We hope our meals help to build memories.