The best defense against COVID-19? A healthy immune system!

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We all wake up thinking about the same thing each morning… how we can get through our day as safely as possible during this crazy COVID-19 season. The obvious answer for most people is to make sure you are constantly washing your hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask in all public places. 

We wanted to remind you that there is one more VERY important piece of the puzzle that you should be keeping in mind. Your immune system is the number one defense against the virus and it’s the only thing you have total control over. Here are a few ways you can boost your immune system to keep you safe during COVID-19!

  1. Sleep – Our bodies do the majority of their healing at night while we sleep. This is a crucial element to keeping our immune systems strong and functioning consistently. We all know that a sleep-deprived immune system will not fight off infections as well as a rested one, so make sure you are getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Other good sleep habits include sleeping in a dark room and keeping a regular bedtime and wake up routine!
  2. Lower Stress Levels – While this should always be a healthy lifestyle practice (just like getting enough sleep), maintaining your stress levels is more important now than ever before. Stress directly impacts our immune systems and could leave you more vulnerable during this virus outbreak. Great ways to reduce stress at home are mediation and fitness apps (there are TONS of free ones out there), controlled breathing techniques, and keeping a clean and organized space around you and your family.
  3. Clean Eating & Exercise – Perhaps our favorite one of all! As you well know, the team at Lilian’s Table are huge advocates of clean and healthy eating as well as maintaining a good physical fitness routine. Nutritional deficiencies make us more susceptible to viruses and bacteria so it’s incredibly important to be filling our bodies with food that will help boost our immune systems. Eating a nutritional diet filled with things like whole foods (grains, beans, nuts, seeds) vegetables, and leafy greens provide the daily nutritional that we need to keep healthy and strong. And exercising on top of healthy eating will help keep endorphins circulating in your body and will help to keep your mind (and your lungs!) clear. 

At the end of the day a healthy immune system will not prevent you from getting COVID-19, but it will absolutely help your body fight as hard as possible. Taking steps to boost your immune system now will help you prevent contracting other common bugs such as a cold or flu, which could leave you more vulnerable for covid. It will also help you maintain everyday good health, which will keep you out of the doctor’s office or hospital. So this is where we will leave it, keep your body moving, keep your body fueled with healthy foods and vitamins, and keep a positive mindset. We are all in this together!

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